YMCA Thames Gateway Group has a Chaplaincy service that is available to all residents, staff, members and anyone who uses any of our services across all areas.

Although we are Christian Chaplains, we’re here for everyone, whatever their faith or worldview.


One of our aims is to listen and support people who may be going through all sorts of issues in their lives. Staff, residents and members can talk in person or make contact by phone or text or email.

We may not be able to fix problems, but we can give support and can pray for people should they want it. We can also link people in with other organisations that may be able to help. We can often help in practical ways through our links with the wider community.

If you want a confidential chat or to “sound off” about anything that is happening at work or at home, we are very good at listening.

To contact the Chaplaincy service, email Chaplaincy@ymcatg.org


If you want to grow in your faith life, or just ask questions, we can do that too. If you would like a bible or other faith text (in your own language) let us know and we will try to help.


We arrange prayer meetings, retreats, volunteering opportunities at festivals and we work together with other churches and interfaith groups. In December, we would love to invite you to celebrate Christmas with us with carols and Christmas songs and mince pies.

The Wright Chapel

If you need a space to be quiet or to pray, the Wright Chapel is situated opposite the lifts on the first floor in Romford. There are Bibles and New Testaments which you are welcome to read and keep.


There is a book in the Wright Chapel at Romford to remember friends and family who have died. You are welcome to add your loved one’s name to the book.


If you are interested in becoming Volunteer Chaplain, you need to be good with people, be willing to train, and have some skills to share with the YMCA. Please email chaplaincy@ymcatg.org for more details.

Prayer Support

If you would like our Chaplains to pray for you, please email Chaplaincy@ymcatg.org

Get in touch with us today!

Contact the Chaplaincy Service by emailing Chaplaincy@ymcatg.org.

To speak with our Chaplain for the Dartford/West Kent area, contact:Jenniferrees@ymcatg.org.  Alternatively, phone or text 07940 452978.