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We are launching a six week challenge that the whole family can get involved in!  This six-part challenge will include:

  • A walking challenge – a chance to get outside, enjoy nature and discover something new!
  • Three pre-recorded fitness classes – a martial arts lesson, family yoga, and a party dance session. All facilitated by trained instructors.
  • A series of healthy eating videos – watch the videos and make one, or more, of the recipes at home.
  • A 30 point challenge – choose from a list of activities that are worth different amounts of points.  You will need to earn 30 points to complete this part of the challenge.

Physical activity is an important part of everyone’s life and essential for children to establish healthy habits that can last a lifetime.  And, when families exercise together, they’re spending time together. It’s a time to talk, catch up on each other’s day, and enjoy some fun, quality time together.  There are a whole host of other benefits too, these include:

  • Improving your families sleep
  • Maintaining health and weight
  • Helping to develop muscles and bones
  • Contributing to brain development and learning
  • Encouraging movement and co-ordination
  • Improving well-being
  • Improving personal, social and emotional development skills


  1. Entering is easy! All you have to do is send the words ‘sign up’ with your child’s full name to 07501326364 or alternatively, send the same information via email to hayleymccann@ymcatg.org by 25 February 2021.
  2. Once you have signed up, you will receive a digital passport along with an activity to do every week. The digital passport is very important as this is what we will be using to keep track of all the activities you have completed.
  3. To receive a stamp in your digital passport, all you have to do it post photos to Parent Zone and email, or text the word ‘done’ with your child’s full name to the same number or email address above.
  4. Once the information is reviewed, you will receive confirmation and a stamp in your passport.
  5. Once your passport has six stamps, you have completed the challenge and will receive your prize!