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24 – 28 September 2020

The Screwball Rally is a 5 day European road trip with 80 other like-minded teams. Meeting in Kent on the Wednesday to sign onto the rally and meet the other Screwballers. Early the next morning you head to Dover to catch the ferry across to mainland Europe. Route card in hand it’s up to you how to spend your days on the road, which route you take and where you visit.

Your vehicles must be a car or commercial vehicle with a minimum of 2 seats, motorcycles are not allowed. Cars should have a value of no more than £750 or fit with the spirit of the event. Once you have bought your vehicle, you can spend whatever you want to get it back on the road or ready for the rally. All vehicles must be roadworthy and fit for the whole duration of the rally and meet the traffic regulations in the countries we visit, this is your responsibility, there is plenty of information online with websites like the AA a good place to start. Each morning in mainland Europe your driver will have to take a breath test before you are given the days destination details. You will not be given the route card until under the local limit. This is for your safety.

We have had nearly every car imaginable on the Screwball, from big pigs, fire engines, pirate ships, Baywatch babes, the Mystery Machine, Ghostbusters, clowns, wrestlers, minions, batman and NOT Robin, Captain Birdseye, Luke and Obi Wan, Stormtroopers, Police, Smokey and the Bandit, Thunderbirds and the Italian Job bus. What will you come as?

Registration fee: £225.  Minimum £250 sponsorship.

For more information contact Emmamiddleton@ymcatg.org or contact 01708 766211.

Images courtesy of www.screwballrally.co.uk