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An update on our fitness offer

July 10, 2020

Dear valued member,

The latest Government briefing has given the green light for our gym and fitness spaces to reopen after Saturday 25th July. While we’re delighted at this news, we are also incredibly mindful of making sure we’re ready, and all measures possible have been put in place to ensure your health and safety when on site.

All of the work we had put into the plans to reopen earlier in the month went out the window when Covid-secure guidelines were changed so we’re currently working on new plans that include the following:

  1. Online booking systems – as we’re limited in the numbers we can permit into the gym and our classes, an online booking system will be delivered that everyone will need to use.
  2. PPE – while we will not be providing PPE to members, there will be plenty of hand sanitiser and wipes available to ensure workout spaces are clean.
  3. Signage – making sure that everything onsite is clear and easy to follow.
  4. Classes – we’re able to offer onsite classes in one of our larger spaces to ensure social distancing. The Sports Hall will have clear social distancing markers to ensure people have plenty of space to work out. Also, only half the Sports Hall will be used each time so that cleaning can be carried out in the space most recently used while we are still able to offer a class straight after. This process means we can fit lots of classes in each day.
  5. Weights room – this will be open to reduced numbers but users are expected to take on more responsibility for cleaning the equipment they use.
  6. The gym – numbers will be restricted and machines/equipment rotated every hour to ensure cleaning.
  7. Personal Training – the Dance Studio will be used for PT sessions and some classes.
  8. Lockers – lockers won’t be used for the time being. Instead, all members will be provided with a box to put their personal belongings in that they can use during their time in the building.
  9. Changing facilities – this will be available but we will be encouraging you to come changed and ready to work out!
  10. Parking – you will need to be booked into a session in order to use the car park.
  11. Contact details – these will need to be up to date for Track and Trace, as required by the Government. Any updates can be provided through the booking form or by email fitnessforyou@ymcatg.org.
  12. Booking is compulsory – a link to our booking platform will be provided.
  13. PIN replacement – if you have forgotten or do not know, your PIN, you can call Reception on 01708 766211 or email fitnessforyou@ymcatg.org.

We will not open until:

  • all Risk Assessments have been completed
  • we have been able to unfurlough our Front of House staff
  • we have trained our staff in the new operating procedures
  • our signage is all in place
  • we have given you all the information you need to feel happy to return
  • we’re 100% confident that we are welcoming you back into a safe environment.

The Government’s Health and Safety guidance has been released and we’re making sure that our plans are completely in line with this. Please be assured that, behind the scenes, we’re working hard to reopen as soon as we can, and we’re going to be looking for a number of people to help us on our journey to reopening – watch this space for more information on that.

We will be in touch with you as soon as we have more definitive information about our date of reopening, as well as a timetable to share, but for now, keep working out online and needless to say, we can’t wait to see you!

The Health & Wellbeing Team