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Coronavirus update

March 16, 2020

Updated on Friday 20 March 2020

Tonight’s press conference has turned the tide on where we were 24 hours ago, so our message to you is correct at time of writing on Friday evening!

Although the government have asked gyms, restaurants and pubs to close for a temporary period to help slow down the spread of coronavirus, there has been some good news for us. Tonight it was announced that 80% of staff salaries will be covered through Government grants for charities. We’re not completely sure what this will mean for us, but it’s good news as we can continue to offer a fitness programme with full staff.

So although we are sad that our on-site gym and fitness offering will close as of this evening, all is not lost!

Your membership pays for so much more than you may realise – the vulnerable people in our community, the young people who reside in YMCA buildings and now, the support of the children of key workers.

However because of this cut, we’re able to reduce your direct debit membership by 80% for the next month at least. Obviously every penny that comes in to the YMCA is incredibly important, so we would be hugely grateful if you were able to make a donation in lieu of this membership.

And regardless of whether you reduce or not, we’re going to continue offering an online fitness service!

Our team have been working hard to ensure that you are still able to benefit from the membership fee you pay during this unprecedented time.

From Monday we will be starting to roll out home workout videos which will support your health and fitness during this period of social distancing and for many, isolation. We will be sending these videos out to you daily, and they can be accessed through your phone, tablet or computer. The idea is that we will show you how to keep fit in your home, using things you have at your disposal!

If you download the Halo app, your progress will be logged and our staff can monitor this for you. Our gym staff will be available at the end of the phone to also offer support and guidance, so if you would like to receive a regular call just let us know and we can give you a buzz.

And if you’re not keen on the digital side of things, we can send you printed versions of the information instead. We’re going to try and cater for everyone – please just let us know!

So all that’s left to be said is stay safe and well – we’re here for you. Thank you for being here for us and our community too.