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July 17, 2020

As promised in last week’s email to fitness members, here’s an update on our reopening plans.

We’re pleased to be able to confirm that on Saturday, 25 July, in line with the Government’s guidance, we will be opening our fitness services to our members once again.

However it will, of course, look very different to what we’re all used to! The key thing to note is that every session – whether it’s a visit to the gym, or a class – must be booked in advance. No walk-ins will be allowed. This is to ensure that we are able to manage the number of people on site as well as the track and track guidance we are obliged to follow. If any of your details have changed, please let us know and we will get your record updated.

Booking will take place through our website and you will need to know your PIN to be able to book online. If you don’t know your PIN, don’t worry – simply email fitnessforyou@ymcatg.org or call 01708 766211.

Saturday, 25 July – Saturday, 1 August

This is Loyalty Week and is only for those who have maintained their membership throughout lockdown, while still enjoying a discounted rate. Your membership fee will remain the same as it has done during lockdown, providing you with the digital classes – so essentially access to the facilities is an added bonus for this week! The digital access will remain available as well as on site activities, although it’s important to note that on site classes will be reduced due to the need to ensure social distancing guidance is met and thorough cleaning can take place between classes and gym sessions.

Saturday, 1 August

All membership fees will return to normal and all members are welcome back into the building, providing sessions have been booked in advance. Anyone with a frozen membership will automatically be unfrozen and fees will commence from this date. If you are still having to shield and can provide evidence of this, we may be able to continue to freeze your membership so please do call us.

Please note that the digital offering will still be included in your membership, for no additional cost, so if you’re unable/choose not to come into the building, you’re still able to continue to exercise from home by taking part in our interactive classes.


We’re offering a “refer a friend” incentive to existing members upon reopening. If you refer a friend, they will receive 12 months of membership at £24.99 and you, as a thank you, will receive 3 months at £19.99 with an increase to £24.99 for the next nine months.

Another option is a Platinum membership, which we’re offering at £250 for the year. If you would like to convert your membership and save up to £170, please do this through the Front of House team before the end of September 2020.

It’s also important to note that if your circumstances have changed since we were forced to close our doors, and you are now in receipt of benefits, please do let us know. If you’re able to provide evidence of this, we may be able to offer a discounted membership rate to you.

Thank you to everyone who has been able to retain their membership throughout lockdown, been able to make a donation to our charity, or volunteered their time to help us with our work in the community. We’re so proud of how we have all stuck together, or perhaps come together even more than before, to keep our Association going.


We know that this year, summer holidays are going to be different for everybody. We also understand that it’s going to be more difficult than normal for most parents, who rely on the support of grandparents, friends and family, to help them continue to work while the children aren’t at school.

We are able to open a small version of our Holiday Club at the YMCA Romford and, as existing members of our Association, we would like to give you and your family the opportunity to take the limited places available.

We are able to offer Holiday Club on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week, between 8 am and 6 pm. As with nurseries, preschools and schools, we are having to keep children in Bubbles for their own health and safety, as per Government guidance.

We have four spaces available from Tuesday, 28 July in Bubble A and we’re able to offer a second Bubble if the demand is there. Bubble B will provide 11 spaces available from Tuesday, 4 August.

The cost is £34.99 per day but we also offer a discount for siblings and Blue Light card holders.

Places are limited and we will have to operate on a “first come, first served” basis so to find out more, please email qualitychildcare@ymcatg.org or call 01708 766211 for more information.