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Update on our new build

July 7, 2020

Latest update on the new build 22/07/2020:

Our next delivery of modules for our new development is due tomorrow, coming from Lincolnshire. We know that the deliveries may cause a little disruption for the residents, staff, members and neighbours of the YMCA but we try our hardest to ensure this doesn’t happen.
However there are things that are outside of our control that may affect these deliveries, and we have just heard that restrictions on the M1 and M25 will mean tomorrow’s deliveries may be a little later than we had planned. We aim to have all vehicles stopped and parked for the evening by 11pm but tomorrow (Thursday 23rd July) may be closer to midnight. The reverse beeping of the lorries is a legal requirement and what you may hear if you live near the YMCA – we have been told that the noise should be minimal and we want to thank you for your understanding!
Timeline for phase two of the new build at YMCA Romford

You will be aware that, earlier this year, we started building new move-on accommodation at our Romford branch. The scheme will give young people the chance to rent their own home at an affordable price and is part of a range of much-needed housing the Mayor of London has helped deliver. The build will comprise of 39 self-contained one bedroom flats in a new three storey building, on our existing site at 29 Rush Green Road.

Whilst some of the construction works had to stop during lockdown, the flats, or units, are constructed off-site, and this work was able to continue. We are now approaching the next phase of the build, which will see the first units delivered to site, ready for installation.

We are expecting lorries to deliver units to site on 13th, 20th and 27th July. While these dates are confirmed we wanted to make you aware that this may be subject to change at short notice, as we have to abide by any transportation restrictions and weather conditions permitting. Up to date information will be available on our website at www.ymcatg.org.

Due to restrictions imposed around motorway traffic, we have to accept the deliveries after 6pm. This means that lorries will bring units to site between 7pm and 11pm. However, aside from the noise of the vehicle engines, and reversing notification, there will be no other noise. The units will not be removed from the vehicles until the morning, and the lorries will leave during the day too.

We will do our best to limit any noise during these times to keep any disturbance to a minimum.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we develop services to help support local people when they really need it.