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YMCA Thames Gateway has a Chaplaincy Service that is available to all residents, staff, members and anyone who uses YMCA Thames Gateway services across all sites

Although we are Christian Chaplains, we’re inclusive, non-judgmental and here for everyone at the YMCA, whatever their faith or worldview.

One of our aims is to listen and support people who may be going through all sorts of issues in their lives. Staff, residents and members can talk in person or contact us by phone 01708 766211 Ext:272 and 07940 452978 or text, or email PennyCulliford@ymcatg.org

We may not be able to fix problems, but we can give support and can pray for people should they want it. We can also link people in with other organisations that may be able to help.

We hold regular events and services at Christmas and Easter and work in partnership with Havering Interfaith Forum to arrange events and discussions with people from many faith backgrounds.

Prayer Communities

We meet to pray in creative ways every week and anyone is welcome to join us.

  • Romford Chapel – Every Thursday 11.00-11.30 am
  • Dartford Café – Every Friday 2.30-3.00 pm
  • Prayer Drop In (Romford) – Every Tuesday 11.00-11.45 am

Drop in for a chat and a prayer or drop your prayer request into the box in the Chapel or the Diner and we will pray for you.

Memory book

There is a book in the Chapel to remember friends and loved ones who have died. Please contact the Chaplaincy if you would like a loved one to be remembered in the book.

Volunteer Chaplains

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Chaplain, please contact the Chaplaincy Service by phone 01708 766211 Ext:272 and 07940 452978 or text, or email PennyCulliford@ymcatg.org

What people say

A comment from one of our Prayer Community members:

“The on-line Cambridge Dictionary says: ‘Chaplaincy noun [C] The job of a chaplain or a building or office where a chaplain works.’  In reality the YMCA Chaplaincy is so much more complex. A source of spiritual guidance, where the faithful regardless of their religion can be at peace and communicate with their spiritual father, a meeting place to share the spiritual fellowship that the chaplaincy provides in abundance; these only just scratch the surface.”

Chaplaincy work with residents