21 October 2021

Noel is #proudtobe a Gym Instructor for YMCATGG. He is also a fantastic advocate for YMCA and has been a Youth Ambassador, a Change Agent and a mentor to aspiring young YMCA leaders.

Noel has recently become a mentor for 100 Black Men of London, a youth organisation dedicated to education, economic development, health & wellbeing and mentoring for young people aged 10 -21.

Noel was raised by first-generation Jamaican parents with a strong West Indian influence. Growing up, he remembers his home as a place that was always filled with family, friends, reggae music and lots of laughter. Food also played a big part in his upbringing and traditional dishes such as red pea soup, curry goat, plantain and rice & peas were, and still are, an important part of his culture.

As a teenager, Noel didn’t always get along with his dad but was inspired by the work that he did. Noel’s dad was a support worker for an organisation called Harambee that helped young offenders get back on track and find housing and employment.

“I strive to lead by example and empower my community,” says Noel.” I am proud of my heritage and will continue to work with and support people of all ages so that they can belong, contribute and thrive as is the YMCA way.”