We believe every young person should have someone they can trust

We are there for every young person in the community, supporting them through difficult times with a wide range of services. In each case, our aim is to enable the young person to grow and develop in every aspect of their life.

We never tire of hearing the success stories of young people and how with the help of YMCA, they managed to turn their lives around.

Be it support workers in our hostels or youth workers at our Youth Centre, we are there for people who need someone to listen, give advice and show that they have some faith in individuals making the right choices.

Youth support

Our Youth Centre in Woolwich is a space where young people can go when they need someone to talk to or simply want somewhere they can be themselves and hang out with friends.

We also offer a number of outreach projects and work with young people who would not usually take part in centre-based youth projects. Click here to read more about our youth work.

Resident support

For young people living in our supported accommodation, support workers are always at hand for a friendly chat, advice about training and programmes and projects that can help build confidence and communication skills, team work skills and create bonds of friendships. Click here to find out more about our supporting housing.