25 November 2021

Here’s our response to the feedback Romford gym members gave at the November Member Engagement Forum:


Some of the rebounders need replacing and have got tears in them. Is it possible to replace them, please?

We’re trying to get replacement skirts for the rebounders – this is proving incredibly difficult but we are on it and will get them as soon as we can.

Can we have new boxing gloves?

Unfortunately, it appears that many of our boxing gloves have been removed from the building – we are looking at our security measures for our storage areas. We encourage members to use their own gloves where possible.

Treadmill users seem to get the worst view of the TVs, especially the ones at the back as it’s too far away, is there any way to improve this?

We are limited by space above the doors but can look at an additional TV further back. This will depend on the ability to locate a TV as well as the cost. Please also remember that TV can also be viewed on the screens on the treadmills.

The gym is always too cold, especially in the morning. As there are very few people in the gym before 7.00am, could the air conditioning be turned off, or adjusted?

The temperature is usually set at 18 degrees – if we have it too warm, due to the heat coming off of those exercising, condensation builds up on the mirrors and it can get damp. As external temperatures drop, we will keep an eye on the temperature in the gym and adjust as needs be.

Does the YMCA have a policy regarding the language used by instructors during classes? Specifically, I object to being called a ‘guy’ particularly when the majority of class members are female.

While we understand the term of “guys” is not to everyone’s taste, when attending a class that may have both male and female participants, many instructors do prefer to adopt something gender-neutral. However, what we can do is encourage instructors to consider both assessing the sex of the attendees or using a more gender-neutral way to encourage members (such as ‘everyone’). We know that with the variety of ways that people self-identify now, this is something we need to be aware of.

The conference room carpet needs to be replaced with a washable surface, especially if classes are to be held in there (as body balance was on 5th Nov).

The carpet is cleaned regularly but there are stains that cannot be removed. We are in the process of refreshing our communal use spaces and quotes are being sought for replacement of the flooring in the Lecture Room. In the meantime, we are conscious of what classes and activities use this space.  The Body Balance class is not usually held in this room.

Sports hall – is it intended as a permanent arrangement for table tennis and dance class to be held in the hall simultaneously?

No, this was a temporary arrangement and it is not something we will do going forward (unless we really need to).

Any update on the former cafeteria refurb?

Works to the diner are in progress. We have removed artwork, items that were being stored in there and have carried out a general tidy up. Our team are carrying out a walkaround this week and will be noting all repairs and improvements that need to be made. We will be happy to update members as we develop a schedule.

As for the Restaurant, we hope that our new branding will be installed before Christmas. The printer has all design work and we’re just waiting on their availability!