12 May 2021

Claire is 44 years old and has two children, aged 13 and 10. She is a full time mum.  In February 2016, Claire was diagnosed with breast cancer.  The following April she had a single mastectomy and following that, radiotherapy.

Prior to this diagnosis, Claire was struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome and had to take anti-depressants to help overcome the effects of low energy and self-esteem.  This put a lot of extra pressure on her fiancé who worked very long hours and whose health also began to suffer.

Recognising that she needed to do something and with the help of her doctor, Claire weaned herself off of medication.   On a mission to feel better and with the knowledge that her fiancé would be working away for 5 days later on in the year, Claire was determined to be able to cope with everyday life on her own.

It was on a visit to the cancer nurse specialist that she spotted a leaflet about our cancer referral programme and wanted to find out more.

Claire signed up to the programme and quickly started to feel the benefits.  We tailored the programme to increase her energy and build her stamina and confidence, and in just three months Claire had managed to increase the length of time she exercised from 15 minutes to over an hour.

When the time came for her fiancé to work away from home, she felt much better and was better equipped to deal with the everyday stresses that had previously stopped her in her tracks.

The effects on Claire’s stamina, confidence and general wellbeing have been amazing.  Claire is now a gym member and regularly uses our fitness facilities.  Back in March she even competed in our member Triathlon!

As well as improving Claire’s health and wellbeing, the programme has made a big impact on her family who feel much happier now that the old Claire is back.  Claire has recently married her partner, is enjoying life and making sure that she is living it to the full.