12 May 2021

Adele is 18 years old.  She enjoys working with children and regularly volunteers at a local charity shop.  As well as studying for A levels, Adele works for YMCA Romford part time as a birthday party host.

Soon after she joined Adele heard that YMCA England and Wales were looking for young people to attend a youth forum in parliament.  This particularly appealed to Adele who would like to go on to study international politics at ULIP in Paris. She was lucky enough to be chosen and attended the forum as a YMCA representative.

In 2018 Adele was nominated for YMCA Youth Ambassador. Her nomination was successful and she has since undergone public relations training delivered by the BBC and has developed effective leadership skills.Adele then attended two further youth forums in parliament; the first was an introduction to legislation and the second the opportunity to meet MPs for Youth Affairs and discuss issues affecting young people.

More recently Adele spotted an opportunity to attend a youth event at the United Nations and put herself forward.  She produced a report outlining why she wanted to attend and her passion shone through.

Adele attended the UN event in New York in April 2019. This was a two day event focusing on promoting peaceful, inclusive societies and justice.  Participants were encouraged to step out of their comfort zone and rather than just talk about sustainable development goals think about how these might be implemented.

Adele thoroughly immersed herself in the opportunity and even got the opportunity to deliver a session on why she felt is was important to ask young people what they want.  Putting her Youth Ambassador skills into practice she also had the opportunity to meet the French Ambassador and promote the good work that the YMCA does.

Adele is looking forward to volunteering at the YMCA 175 event in August and in the future intends to apply to be on the Youth Council.  Pending the results of her A levels she would love to study International Politics in Paris this September.

With your help we can support more young people like Adele, giving them the opportunity to  develop life skills and realise their own potential.